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  • NNHS was founded in 1984 to support, encourage and assist home schoolers in Northern Nevada.

    We are a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, run entirely by volunteers.

    Our Board of Directors consists of a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor, and Directors at large. Effective July 1, 2016 for a 2 year term:

NNHS Bylaws


NNHS is an entirely volunteer-run, 100% member-donation-supported non-profit. As such, and with our commitment to frugality, and to never squander donations, we have chosen a membership / event management system that limits the number of active contacts (emails) we keep.

We do all we can to reduce cost and be more effective at reaching only those who are interested in what we do. Some contacts move from the... state, or stop homeschooling, and no longer are interested in NNHS, but do not remove themselves. Our system accounts for that with a change in status and communication/access after a period of time, so new members and contacts can join and take part.

Membership at the entry level in NNHS is free. That entitles you to communications and invitations. Most of the events we organize have attendance limits. With such a wonderfully large group of homeschooling families in northern Nevada, not all will be able to fit into every event, even if they all were interested and available.

So, we have established the following general guidelines for communications and invitations. Those who are donors or contributing members will receive space-limited invitations first (as a benefit for their much-needed and appreciated support). Then invitations go to working volunteers (also much needed and appreciated), active community members and previous event attendees. After that, all remaining contacts and Facebook group/page contacts will be invited, if there is still room.

If someone has entered their email address on the NNHS website, but has not attended an event, made a donation, or logged into the system in more than a year, they are moved to inactive. Inactive contacts will sometimes be prevented from registering for an event until all active members have been extended early opportunity to register. If you are inactive but wish to be reactivated, NNHS will be happy to manually adjust your status.

We all are the only source of funds to pay the minimal expenses of our volunteer-run organization. There isn't any budget for gifts to thank our financial supporters. This means we show our appreciation to those who will contribute to paying the bills by offering a little advance notice and opportunity.

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