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Homeschool Support Group/Park Day - South Reno

  • Friday, October 16, 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • South Valleys Sports Center, Wedge Parkway, Reno


South Reno Support group invitation
- Are you thinking of homeschooling, but not sure where to start?
- Are you homeschooling now, but feeling isolated?
- Are you heading to another level of homeschooling (middle school, high school) and feeling stuck?
- Are you new to the area and needing to find local activities or information on Nevada requirements?

Let's get together, with all of our kids, and encourage one another! Let's chat, make some friends, and let the kids play. Bring water, snack/lunch, a picnic blanket or folding chair. Kids can probably climb on the playground, bring roller skates, scooters or ride-on toys. Just an informal Introduction, and a chance to encourage/be encouraged.

It's easy to get a homeschooling parent talking about homeschooling :-). If you need information or encouragement, or you are experienced and are willing to help out by being a friend (buddy-system-style), come to our inaugural
Reno Homeschool Support Group (informal).
Friday, October 16, 1pm until 3, South Valleys Sports Center on Wedge Pkwy the driveway entrance just past the turn to the yellow library
-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-
- Introduction to Homeschooling in NV
- Questions and answers on methods and materials
- Resources for activities and support
- Encouragement and new friends

Bring a sack lunch and some sunscreen. There is a play structure for littles, and a large lawn for bigger kids who might want to bring a ball or Frisbee or sidewalk chalk.

**** If you're inclined to help facilitate another one of these support groups, at this or some other time/location, let us know by the end. We need a group in each part of town, plus a couple of high school Homeschoolers to help us plan dances or commencement or stuff for your age group. Come talk with us! If you (as a parent) would be willing to help organize an event/field trip for all homeschoolers, we need you!! ***

NNHS is an all-volunteer nonprofit. And we need your help!

(This is an experiment. If we find we don't need a get-together monthly in south Reno, this will be a one-shot deal. Anyone who wants to can volunteer to help facilitate these, making them as formal or informal as you like. Maybe a park/library play date. Maybe not here, but somewhere else would be better. Maybe we need a high school "play group" that meets once at ez air, once at roller kingdom, once at the arcade at gsr, etc. Let me know what you think.)
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