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Taekwondo Martial Arts for Homeschool Potential Classes - NW Reno

  • Wednesday, February 03, 2016
  • 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
  • Cancinos 3697B Kings Row, Reno NV
  • 49


  • This reservation will save you a spot. Payment must be made in full at the end of the first class. A deposit may be requested prior to the first class date to confirm the class will take place.
  • This reservation will save you a spot. Payment must be made in full at the end of the first class. A deposit may be requested prior to the first class date to confirm the class will take place.

Registration is closed


A new martial arts class for homeschoolers is beginning in NW Reno. The first class your student attends is a one-time free trial to give you a chance to test it out and see if it might work for your family. Homeschool registration will be at a discount from the late afternoon/evening classes.

Martial arts is an excellent way of learning courtesy, respect, confidence, honesty, perseverance, self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-esteem.


There are TWO different classes to try this day:

TINY TIGERS for children AGE 3-7 years 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. Wed/Fri*

1:30 - 2:15 p.m. Wed/Fri*

In these classes, students will learn some Korean words related to Taekwondo, as well as general conditioning, and how to roll and fall properly. X-treme Martial Arts is an upgrade to this program, which would include tumbling/gymnastics, but is not included in the regular or homeschool classes.


These homeschool classes would begin in February, and all the students will be taught beginner level skills. They will earn the right to test after the 8-week session. (Students age 6-7 will be evaluated and placed in the most appropriate class.)

*Homeschool class requires 10 students minimum (both age groups combined). Tiny Tigers and Junior students may take TWO classes per week on Wednesdays and Fridays. If enrollment exceeds 20 students, they may choose 2 classes each, between MONDAYS - WEDNESDAYS - FRIDAYS. Enrollment of 10-19 Juniors will mean only Wed/Fri classes are available.



Tigers progress is shown by the T-shirt they wear. Different colors picturing a different character/animal designates their level of skill and training.

Juniors progress is shown by the color of belt on their uniform.

After their first 8-week test, students have the option of advancing to the appropriate skill-level class in later afternoons/evenings, or remain in the homeschool class sessions.


Homeschool class sessions are two months (8 weeks) long. At the end of each session, students may test (additional fee for testing is $55 and includes belt or t-shirt) to earn the next level of t-shirt (Tigers) or belt (Juniors).

[Regular late afternoon/evening/weekend classes require a 9-month contract.]



Wear comfortable clothing that leaves flexibility for kicking. Even if you pay for the classes on the first day, there may not be a uniform available in your size (and even if there is, you will probably want to be wearing a T-shirt and shorts under).

When you sign up and pay for the weekly homeschool classes (8-week sessions Feb/Mar and Apr/May), you will receive a do bok (uniform) included as part of your registration fee.



The 8-week homeschool class session will cost $220 total, and will include the uniform. Sibling discount for two or more enrollments per family will be $20.

There will be at least TWO sessions offered this school year, Feb/Mar and Apr/May. If you try the first class and don't think it works for your family, you will leave owing nothing.


Summer camps will be available.


Cancino's Black Belt Academy is owned by a homeschooling family. They are offering a free trial to the first 35 homeschoolers who register for martial arts. Please RSVP either here OR on Facebook, but not both.

To learn more about Cancino's Black Belt Academy and about Master Cancino, 4th degree black belt: (it doesn't mention he is currently the 2015 WORLD champion in sparring)

Cancino website

If you sign up and then are not able to come, will you PLEASE change your rsvp so your spot can be filled by someone else who wants to learn martial arts?

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