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IOWA Tests in RENO

  • Monday, May 16, 2016
  • Wednesday, May 18, 2016
  • TBD


Registration is closed

Parents interested in IOWA Tests can have them administered by a homeschooling parent in Reno. There is a cost involved, plus the testing materials. See contact information below.

ANNUAL TESTING IS NOT REQUIRED for homeschoolers in Nevada.

The new ESA law does require Opt-in students to take a "norm-referenced" test annually, which might include this test.

IOWA Tests are available for Kindergarten up to 12th grade. Families will often wait until at least grade 3 for these tests, but since this is voluntary, it's entirely up to parent discretion.


The Iowa Tests meet most state’s requirements for an annual, nationally normed standardized test and offer educators a diagnostic look at how their students are progressing in key academic areas.

Available for Kindergarten to Grade 12, the Iowa tests allow educators to trace student achievement growth continuously. These tests can be administered year-round by someone with at least a B.A. degree.

While the link below to purchase testing materials is from a Christian website, the tests are not religious or sectarian.



In the past I have administered the Iowa tests for those who are interested and would like to extend that service again this year. I will be administering the tests on May 16, 17, and 18th. I have provided this service to give our homeschool students an opportunity to take the test in a group setting without having to drive to Carson as many have had to in the past. With that courtesy I will honor Holly's testing price ($50 per student).

Please let me know via email or call (775)721-5539 if you are interested. You can go to and enter my testing administrator number 77338542 if you wish to order directly through Bob Jones University online.

However, we are a little way out on the testing date and the system will not allow you to do this until 90 days out.

I would appreciate a heads-up if you are interested so I can have an idea what kind of venue we will need to accommodate everyone's needs.

God bless you all in your teaching endeavors,
Marie Southerland

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