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Team Organizing Meeting: Picnic, Craft Fair, Bakeoff, Math, Robots, Legos

  • Saturday, July 23, 2016
  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • South Valleys Park


  • I will help organize or I will help by bringing my child and their goodies to sell

    (this will probably happen on December 5/6)
  • Existing clubs/competitions for starting a new one for homeschoolers
  • Either joining an existing club, or organizing a new one for homeschoolers
  • Decorating, Cleanup, Information Fair - inviting vendors who give lessons, etc... Fundraising Raffle, watching the grill, organizing a curriculum sale, swimming, painting kids faces, or other...
  • Either joining an existing club/competition, or starting a new one for homeschoolers

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These activities polled the best online. Let's get together and plan for our kids to be active!

There were dozens of parents who offered to help with the NOT back to school picnic, and are interested in these clubs and competitions this year! NNHS has some resources to help the activities that are most popular - deposits for venues, insurance, maybe some entry fees and then communication with thousands of homeschoolers that can help.

We realize it's impossible to meet at a time and place convenient for everyone. But we have to start somewhere :-) This is right before the Science Fair meeting, at the same place, so we can multiply our efforts.

We can get together this one time and talk about these things in person. As a group, we can nominate two team leaders for each of the activities/clubs we want to start. We can each volunteer to do our part to help the best things happen.

After this get-together, the team leaders will be in charge and schedule any further meetings necessary, check up on the progress, and come to NNHS board of directors meetings once in a while to let us know how its going and how we can help.

Whether you have expertise in organizing things like this that you are willing to share, or you just want to look into having you child be involved, come join us! Everyone is welcome!!

*Bring a packed lunch, water bottles and toys for the kids to play with while we talk. Scooters, soccer balls, sidewalk chalk, frisbees...** Sunblock, etc.

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