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Teen Winter Dance/Spring Formal Planning Meeting - S. RENO

  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Lamppost Pizza, south Reno


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ELIZABETH and Ms. Griffin (sorry, don't remember her name) will call the meeting to order and get reports from EACH PERSON assigned an activity at the last meeting. Someone must volunteer to take notes about who will do what, and what the team decided when they voted.

Team will decide on Date/Location/Time of Winter Dance and Spring Formal
(Hallie and Sierra will bring costs, catering if included, dance floor prices, deposit amount and deadline, capacity of their top 3 location choices, please) ****A site visit before this meeting would be appropriate so Hallie and Sierra can bring their suggestions.****

Team will decide on music. Sierra will bring her top 3 choices of music / DJ for both Winter and Spring. Will Parker will help. If the Winter Dance will use a playlist and our own or rented equipment, please bring cost, equipment list/source and required deposit information. Thanks. Then, the team will meet again, or talk, to decide how to choose the music for each of the two dances, how to handle requests. Let's not skimp on budget for the music! Get a great DJ, at least for the Spring.

Team will agree on preliminary budget and preliminary ticket prices for Winter and Spring. NNHS will sign any contracts and try to help with deposits and insurance. It appears our insurance policy requires an additional $250 for this type of event, for each dance. How will the team raise money? Someone MUST lead this! Who?

Team will decide on photography. Alex Laurino (right?) will bring prices, names and deposit amounts, portfolio samples or website of prom photos for her top 3 choices of photographer or photo booth/selfie station or whatnot. Thanks.
***<That's a lot for one kid/family. Isn't there anyone else who can handle either decorations or photography shopping?>***

Team will decide on theme and budget for decorations for Spring and Winter. Alex Laurino (right?) will bring prices and samples for her top 3 choices of decorations. Will centerpieces for table be included if there is a catered meal? If we run out of time, this can be handled at the next meeting.

If catering is not included in Winter, we will need a food team and a plan.

If the Winter dance takes place outside an event venue, will we need to rent tables, chairs, themed equipment, etc.?

8. The next team meeting and sub-committee meetings will have a date set by Elizabeth and Ms. Griffin, before we leave the room.

WINTER DANCE estimated attendance 30-60 in January, Friday or Saturday night

SPRING FORMAL estimated attendance 50-100 in April, Friday or Saturday night
Younger siblings, bring board games!

Facebook Group. Teens, join us!

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