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Civil War School Days - VIRGINIA CITY

  • Friday, September 01, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Miners Park Virginia City NV



$2 /Person

Homeschoolers are invited.
This educational opportunity will begin at 9:00 AM. The cost is $2. Attendees will visit stations throughout the park for presentations by re-enactors in period attire. Student participation and questions are encouraged!

For more information about our organization and Labor Day Event visit our webpage at CCWR.US




The Civil War was fought between April, 1861 and May, 1865.

More Americans died fighting in the Civil War than in all of our nation’s other wars put together!

More soldiers died of disease during the Civil War than from guns and canon.

College students (cadets of the Military College of South Carolina) fired the first shots of the Civil War. (They fired on Ft. Sumter.)

There were no bumper stickers or hashtags in the 19th C. If you wanted to support the troops, you wore a colorful ribbon cockade on your shirt or bonnet.

The citizens of Virginia City were equally divided between Southern sympathizers and Union supporters.

Soldiers from Fort Churchill had to march to Virginia City on several occasions to suppress sedition by Southern sympathizers.

Nevada “won” the Civil War.
Millions of dollars’ worth of silver from the Comstock Lode was shipped to the North to support the war.
Entry of NV into the Union (Oct. 31st, 1864) guaranteed Lincoln would win re-election and the Union would pursue the war to victory.

Few Nevadans fought in the Civil War. But, in a matter of weeks, Nevadans raised the equivalent of $7,600,000.00 to support the health and welfare of US soldiers. This is far more (per capita) than any other state in the nation.
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