Northern Nevada Home Schools
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You Can Homeschool your teenagers through their high school years.
It is very rewarding and fun actually. They can do so much on their own and there are many resources available to get them through graduation.

  • What subjects should my student study?
  • What tests are required for graduation?
  • What subjects are required for college?
  • What about the Millennium Scholarship?
  • How do I do grades?
  • What if they want to do team sports in high school?
  • How about specialty classes like culinary school, automotive, mechanical? 
  • My student like acting, music, art. What is out there for them?
  • What about lab science classes?
  • Can I supplement with classes at TMCC?
We will try to answer these questions and more. We hope you fellow homeschooling parents will speak up and share your experiences too. Join us in the greatest adventure!
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