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It's easy to homeschool in Nevada

We are NOT attorneys, but it should not require an attorney to follow the law to home educate your child in Nevada. Do some research, and get started on your home education journey. Good luck.

Complete information and support is available through the non-profit organization of volunteer parents who advocate for homeschool freedom in Nevada - Nevada Homeschool Network. Please visit their website and look for information on complying with the (minimal) laws, and getting started homeschooling. They have the correct NOI form available at all times, and even have sample Educational Plans you can copy/paste and alter.

General Legal Steps:

You must submit a Notice of Intent Form and your Educational Plan, to the Superintendent of Schools in the county school district of the child's residence at the time your child reaches 7 years old, or within 10 days of withdrawing from public or private school, if they have previously been enrolled.


There is a single form dictated by law. Any other form is superfluous and may request information that is legally unnecessary. Sending the NOI long before the child attains 7 years of age is unnecessary and does not help you, nor the Superintendent. Sending an NOI more often than the law requires does not help anyone.


The NOI should be mailed via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, to the Superintendent of Schools in the county of the child's residence. If you phone the local school, or the district office, you may be directed to take different or additional steps, or given a different mailing address. The law states you must send the completed form AND YOUR EDUCATIONAL PLAN to the Superintendent. Don't expect school district employees to know or understand homeschool laws. It's not their job.

The NOI must be "filed" either via mail or in person only once for the length of time the child is homeschooled. Not once per year or more often. If the child changes residences, another NOI must be sent to the Superintendent in the county of the child's new residence, within 10 days.


The Educational Plan does not have to cover any more than the current year of home education. Do not attempt to complete a plan for the child's entire K-12 school career. The Educational Plan can be very simple, but while there are very few legal requirements for the plan, bear in mind that should you need to appear before a legal representative, you will need to provide the Educational Plan. You might want to put some thought into it. It is important. But there is no governmental body in Nevada who can legally reject your plan to home educate. You "notify" the Superintendent, and do not need approval before you begin.

Please visit Nevada Homeschool Network for the most comprehensive and up-to-date legal information.

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