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NNHS Homeschool Lounge is an informal gathering space where homeschoolers in our area can connect, play, and borrow resources for free. Adult supervision is required, there are typically classes going on at the same time. Your kids can play quietly in the playroom while you browse, or they can browse for materials as well. Please leave the space better than you found it. Located inside Young Explorers at 130 West Gepford Pkwy, Sun Valley, turn west at the Dollar General off Sun Valley Blvd, diagonal across from it.

For more information contact Carol at


Monday - Friday 10-3

Homeschool Lounge: Schedule


Want to Volunteer ?

Volunteers in the homeschool lounge sign up for time slots to keep the lounge open and available to area homeschoolers. Volunteers are responsible for marketing their time slot and managing the space during that time. You do not need to provide an activity or craft, but it may help draw people in who share similar interests. All activities must be free, as this space is donated for the purpose of establishing a free gathering space for small groups of homeschoolers. Contact Carol at to volunteer or for more information.

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