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Homeschooling Requirements in Nevada

The first thing you need to do is to file your Notice of Intent to Homeschool (NOI). You'll need to file this with your zoned school district within 10 days of pulling your child from public school, within 30 days of moving into Nevada from another state, or on your child's 7th birthday if they have not previously been enrolled in any public school. You do not need to submit curriculum or any additional information beyond what is asked for in the NOI. Find out more about what you need to file by going to Nevada Homeschool Network's page about your NOI by clicking the button below.

NOTE: If you are enrolling your child in an online charter school, you do NOT need to file the Notice of Intent. Legally speaking, online charter schools are public school at home, which is different from homeschooling. 

File Your Notice of Intent  (NOI): Get Involved
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