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Hi, I am Sherry DeRocco. I have lived in the area for nearly 18 years. My husband, Alex, and I have two little girls. They are my main reason and driving force behind all of my homeschool passion. We started out as "covid" homeschoolers but quickly fell in love with the idea of taking back control of our children's education. I run a small learning pod for homeschool enrichment classes which I found a true love for teaching through. I also run the Spanish Springs Homeschooling Group. I will say apart from my family, homeschooling and leading these groups has been the most rewarding thing I have done in my life. The groups helped me find a passion for leading, so when I got the opportunity to join the board, I happily accepted. I believe that it takes a special kind of person to put their heart and soul into building up a community and supporting all of the homeschool families we have here in Northern Nevada. Our board members are definitely those special kind of people and we have a great team in place. I am looking forward to ending the stigma around homeschooling and being there for you all as your Chair for NNHS.




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Meet the Team: Meet the Team



Hello!  The hubs and I have 6 kids (3bio, 3adopted). We started homeschooling them when our oldest was 13. He is now 28, yikes! Since then, I have also homeschooled my 5 other children and even some bonus kids a couple of years. They have been the best years of my life. Im currently schooling my youngest two 15 and 13 and my granddaughter who is 2. I started the Secular homeschool group here in Northern Nevada and I am looking forward to serving on the board. Im super excited to create a newsletter that will help keep us all connected!

Meet the Team: Who We Are



Hey there! I’m Amber P! I am married to my Highschool sweetheart, and we have 2 boys together. We love the outdoors and exploring! The boys have been fishing and hunting since they were babies!

Because of our lifestyle, beliefs and way of living I knew I wanted to have control over our kids' education and homeschool. It was just a matter of getting my husband on board. Since covid hit the yr school was starting for us, my husband agreed and trusted my decision. I think for some, homeschool is taboo and an old way of doing things. Which is why I’m here! I want to shed new light to the community and show how amazing it truly is. I’ve never loved doing anything more and am honored to be a part of the board and heading into my 3rd yr of homeschool.

Meet the Team: Who We Are
Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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