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Find social groups, supplemental classes, co-ops, and tutors to help you on your homeschool journey.
NNHS does not support or endorse any group, class, or tutor, but rather provides a list of available resources that may help you as an additional resource.

If you don't see a group in your area, consider starting one! It can be simple, like meeting at a park every week (we recommend starting off by meeting at the same time, place, and day each week to get the group going); or it can be more complex, like a co-op offering classes. Please email your group information or class/tutoring info to

NNHS Facebook Discussion Group - - Homeschool in Northern Nevada: Talk with NNHS - A very active discussion group where you can get a lot of ideas and advice.

Northern Nevada Homeschool Marketplace - Our sister group for buying and selling homeschool related items.

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These are informal meet up groups that charge no fees and typically are social and not academic in nature.

N. Nv. Middle School/High School Homeschool Support


Homeschooling in Carson City - 

Fernley Homeschoolers - A social and support group meeting weekly in Fernley.

Contact: Jaimie Daniels


Fallon Homeschoolers - A social and support group in Fallon

Dayton/Silver Springs/Stagecoach - 


Carson Valley Homeschoolers

Spanish Springs Homeschooling Group

Kids of the Future Co-Op

Secular Homeschoolers of Northern Nevada

Groups, Co-ops, Classes, Tutors: Text


NNHS publishes this list as a convenience and resource for our homeschool community. These are not official NNHS sanctioned events, they are opportunities for homeschool moms to connect with other homeschool moms and kids to play together. We encourage you to take safety precautions of wearing masks and playing games that will keep the kids 6 feet apart from one another. Please see a list of ideas for play apart together games after the list of park days. 

Game ideas:


Simon Says

Noodle Tag with Pool Noodles



Tuesdays, 10AM, Damonte Ranch, 1950 Steamboat Pkwy, hosted by Toni Gailing

Thursdays, (Starting August 27th) 1-3PM, South Valleys Park, hosted by Kelli Baker.

Groups, Co-ops, Classes, Tutors: Text


Co-ops are groups of parents who come together to organize classes with shared responsibilities. They range from just a few families in someone's home to hundreds of families in a large church space.  Fees vary but are usually minimal to cover costs for materials and space.

IMPACT Co-op -

St Luke’s Lutheran Church

3835 Lakeside Dr,

Reno, NV 89511

EAGLE Co-op - EAGLE is an all-age (PK-HS) co-op that meets on Thursdays from noon-3, offering 3 hours of classes (24 total classes are offered each session) at Reno Christian Fellowship on Zolezzi in S. Reno. We offer a wide range of fun academic and enrichment classes taught mostly by our parents (to keep costs low), and also some professionals from the area (because we love them!).

Classical Conversations Reno/Sparks contact: Heidi Timm (775) 233-3915

Classical Conversations Carson City Contact Maggie England

Battle Born Homeschool Co-op Carson City

Please see our website for more information

Light, Truth and Intelligence Educational Commonwealth

Meets once a week in Minden.  

We follow the TJED or Leadership Education method of homeschooling

Cold Springs Co-op using the Gather Round Curriculum

This elementary grades co-op will meet in Cold Springs, NV starting August 19th, 2022, using the Gather Round curriculum. They will meet every other week on Fridays from 10 am to 12 pm.  For more details or to join the co-op, please get in touch with Meagan Patton at

Groups, Co-ops, Classes, Tutors: Text


These are homeschool friendly businesses that offer classes and tutoring for homeschoolers. NNHS does not endorse any person or business, but provides a list for homeschoolers' convenience. It is up to the parent to determine if any tutor or class is a good fit for their family. If you would like your business listed, please email your information to

Kate DiGiorgio

I am an experienced educator with a heart to see all kids learn math. I am always seeking creative ways to introduce complex concepts ensuring that students with differing abilities can access math and feel successful.  I love teaching math to students who struggle, and I have a desire to find unique strategies to ensure that all students can learn math and even have fun in the process!  I have experience teaching math in a variety of settings. For over 20 years, I have taught in both public and private schools. I also homeschooled my children from kindergarten through high school in all subjects. Currently, I teach Pre- Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus to homeschool students in person and online. I also work as a private math tutor where I help students with their homework and test prep. 

One of my areas of expertise is finding the gaps or holes in a student's understanding and introducing a variety of methods to help the abstract concept become more concrete. In addition, I have many years of experience teaching problem solving using the Singapore math teaching methodology.

I offer private tutoring as well as teach full middle and high school math courses. Classes usually start in the fall but depending on availability I am willing to start a class mid year. 

Lighthouse Reno

Light House Reno presents a new opportunity for homeschoolers! Light House is offering classes for 1st-12th grade on Tuesdays starting fall of 2022. We are located in South Reno at 95 Foothill Road. Now accepting new families!  Please see our website for more information.

Young Explorers - Supplemental Classes for Homeschoolers grades K-8

130 West Gepford Pkwy

Sun Valley, NV 89433 

I·School – an accredited non-profit offering in-person and online classes for homeschoolers grades K-12. Summer school and ACT/SAT/CLT prep are also available.

Carson City campus and remote/online support
Kathryn Kelly, Executive Director

Wendy Stephens

530-208-7415 (cell)

I am a preK-12 multiple subject tutor, specializing in writing instruction. I provide semi-private, small group educational services in my South Lake Tahoe home-based classroom, as well as individual in person and virtual tutoring using zoom, Google docs, FaceTime, phone calls and email in Tahoe and beyond. 

I have homeschooled my own boys who earn a scholarship to Berkeley and University of San Diego. They both graduated valedictorian. I have 11 years of experience providing services for students enrolled in Visions In Education, Inspire Charter Schools, and Clarksville Charter School. I also tutor public and independentLy educated students. I will become a vendor for Cottonwood Charter School beginning this fall. My tutoring rate is $25/hr with a reduced rate for semi-private tutoring.

Morgan Thacker - Certified Teacher, available for tutoring and homeschool help. 

Click this Google form  to contact.

Diana Ross - Retired elementary teacher, will tutor in your home (89509/89519 preferred), available 9/1,

Shelly Aranda

Licensed Elementary Teacher offering online fun, interactive, and personalized reading tutoring, specializing in K-5.

(775) 813-7612

Together Bridging Educational Gaps

Tammy Callahan

Bus # 775-530-8269

Resource for families, parents, and a conduit for providing individualized learning/instruction for homeschooled students and families. I academically coach students and mentor parents each step of the way. Academic coaching modal involves teaching in multiple content areas: including Reading, Math, and Writing while scaffolding this growth with organization and empowerment. I can administer assessments DRA/Singapore Math to help further guide homeschool instruction. It is my pleasure to provide mentorship and collaboration with homeschooling families needing further support with our diverse learners. I am dually certified in K-8th and Special Education / Gifted  K-12. I currently hold a valid Nevada teacher's license and additionally have a business license as well. I continue to share 30 years plus of passionate teaching with students and families here in Washoe County.

Groups, Co-ops, Classes, Tutors: Text
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